5 Best Hospitality Stocks to watch in 2024

By :  Sachin Gupta 

Published : 05 July 2024

Chalet Hotels

It is currently trading around ₹ 860 with an ROCE of 12.14% and ROE of 15.02%. Its OPM is around 32.88%. The company operates as a high-end global hotel chain.

Indian Hotels Company

The company has different hotel brands under its wing which include Taj Hotels, etc. Its shares are trading at around ₹ 600 Its ROCE and ROE are 14.66% and 13.31% respectively. At the same time, the OPM was 27.85%.

Advani Hotels and Resorts (India)

The company operates a flight kitchen, 5-star hotel, restaurants, and bar & banqueting facilities.  Its shares are trading at around ₹ 72 at present with ROCE and ROE of 42.75% and 34.71%. The OPM is 31.88%.


The Company manages luxurious hotel chains such as Oberoi and Trident. Its shares are trading at around ₹ 430.00 at present with ROCE of 20.20% and ROE of 16.22%. While the OPM is around 36.24%.

The Byke Hospitality

The company serves as a hospitality specialist and operates many resorts. The company’s share is trading at around ₹ 85. It has ROCE and ROE of 4.50% and 2.79% respectively.  While the OPM was 13.35%.

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