5 Best Pharma Stocks to invest in June 2024 

By :  Sachin Gupta 

Published : 13 June 2024

Sanofi India

The company’s share is trading at around Rs. 6513. Sanofi is globally renowned for manufacturing therapeutic medicines with a ROCE and ROE of 77.99% and 59.39% respectively. While the OPM was 29.10%.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

It is a renowned pharma brand with a core focus on manufacturing Active APIs. Dr. Reddy’s shares are trading at around Rs. 6060 at present with ROCE and ROE of 25.13% and 19.74% while the OPM is noted at 26.26%.

Aarti Drugs

The company produces generic bulk actives as well as specialty chemicals. It is currently trading at around Rs. 515 with an ROCE of 16.43% and an ROE of 13.38%. Its OPM is 10.64%.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries

This pharma giant is currently trading around Rs. 1505 with an ROCE of 17.26% and ROE of 15.04%. Sun Pharma’s OPM is around 24.37%.

JB Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

It is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in the country.  It is currently trading around Rs. 1897 with an ROCE of 25.45% and an ROE of 18.90%. Its OPM is around 22.84%.

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