5 Best Safe Haven Stocks to buy in 2024

By :  Sachin Gupta 

Published : 12 June 2024

Reliance Industries

It is India’s largest private sector company and operates in the energy industry. Its shares are trading at around Rs. 2939 at present with ROCE and ROE of 9.38% and 8.77% while the OPM is noted at 14.14%. 

Coal India

It is the biggest coal producer globally. It is currently trading at around Rs. 490 with an ROCE of 27.98% and an ROE of 45.21%. Its OPM is 34.57%.

Tata Consultancy Services

The company is renowned for providing IT-led solutions in India and globally. It is currently trading around Rs. 3873 with an ROCE of 63.5% and an ROE of 50.73%. Its OPM is 26.45%.

Hindustan Unilever

It is the country’s largest FMCG company. It is currently trading around Rs. 2523 with an ROCE of 21.72% and ROE of 20.06%. Its OPM is around 23.03%. 


It is the largest private-sector bank in India. It is currently trading around Rs. 1580 with an ROCE of 2.85% and ROE of 14.11%. Its OPM is around -20.46%.

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