5 Best Small Cap Stocks to buy in 2024

By :  Sachin Gupta 

Published : 04 June 2024

Black Box

It offers enterprise communications solutions to various industries, including hospitality, insurance, banking, mutual funds, securities, and SME solutions. It is currently trading at around Rs. 222.75  with an ROCE of 27.04% and an ROE of 28.62%. Its OPM is 5.26%. 

Aarti Drugs

The company produces generic bulk actives as well as specialty chemicals. Its share price is around Rs. 471. Its ROCE, ROE, and OPM are 16.43%, 13.38%, and 10.64%, respectively. 

Radico Khaitan

The company owns brands like 8 PM Whisky, Old Admiral Brandy, and Contessa Rum. It is trading at around Rs. 1543 at present with ROCE and ROE of 13.91% and 10.74% while the OPM is noted at 9.74%. 

KEI Industries

The company produces Electrical Wires as well as Cables. It is trading around Rs. 4174 with an ROCE of 25.58% and an ROE of 18.44%. Its OPM is around 10.18%.  

JB Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

It is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in the country. Its shares are trading at around Rs. 1690 at present with ROCE and ROE of 25.45% and 18.90% while the OPM is noted at 22.84%. 

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