5 Best Video Game Stocks to invest in June 2024

By :  Sachin Gupta 

Published : 28 June 2024

Zensar Technologies

It is one of the crucial players in the DAS and DFS segments in India. It is currently trading at around Rs. 745 with an ROCE of 23.63% and an ROE of 18.66%. Its OPM is 18.29%.

OnMobile Global

The company is one of the leading companies in the gaming industry offering mobile gaming apps, especially for eSports.  Its shares are trading at around ₹ 72 at present with ROCE and ROE of 4.68% and 2.34% while the OPM is noted at 6.05%.


The company is engaged in the business of IT consultancy but also offers series related to the media and entertainment industry.  It is currently trading around ₹ 1575 with an ROCE of 36.81% and an ROE of 29.77%.  Its OPM is around 23.72%.


The company, just like Infosys, also caters to clients in the gaming industry. It is currently trading at around ₹ 3930 with an ROCE of 63.51% and an ROE of 50.73%.  Its OPM is 26.45%.

Delta Corp

The company is a leading Casino and Online gaming provider in India.  It is currently trading at around ₹ 130 with an ROCE of 10.97% and ROE of 9.70%. Its OPM is around 30.96%.

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