5 Top Mining Stocks to Invest in 2024

By :  Sachin Gupta 

Published : 04 June 2024

Coal India

The company is the largest producer of coal globally. It is currently trading around Rs. 489.80 with an ROCE of 27.89% and an ROE of 45.21%. Its OPM is 16.06%.

Hindustan Zinc

The company mines silver metal in addition to zinc and lead, trading around Rs. 684.00. Its ROCE and ROE are 48.85% and 51.06% respectively. While the OPM was 38.92%.

National Aluminium Company

NALCO is a public sector company involved in aluminum mining. It has been trading around Rs.191.25 with an ROCE of 14.78% and ROE of 13.82%. The company has reported the OPM at 18.05%.

Tata Steel

The company manufactures various steel products and manages chrome mines. It is currently trading at around Rs. 166.90 with an ROCE of 8.13% and ROE of -4.82%. Its OPM is around 6.21%. 


The company mines aluminium as well as ore and gold. The company’s share is trading at around Rs. 440.00. Its ROCE and ROE are 24.09% and 13.79% respectively. At the same time, the OPM is 18.80%.

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