5 Top Textile Stocks to buy in May 2024 

By :  Sachin Gupta 

Published : 28 May 2024

Trident Ltd

Trident is currently trading around Rs. 37.80 with an ROCE of 12.27% and ROE of 10.51%. Its OPM is around 10.39%. The company produces textile fabric and is a popular player in the textile industry. 

Pasupati Acrylon Ltd

The company operates in the textile industry and makes Acrylic fibre. Its shares are trading at around Rs. 36.20 at present with ROCE and ROE of 11.37% and 15.99% while the OPM is noted at 6.29%.

KPR Mill Ltd

KPR Mill is currently trading around Rs. 801.20 with an ROCE of 23.33% and ROE of 18.47%. Its OPM is around 18.39%. The company has a very low debt level.  

Nitin Spinners Ltd

The company’s share is trading at around Rs. 327.20. Nitin Spinners’ ROCE and ROE are 12.57% and 11.47% respectively. While the OPM was 8.97%. It has witnessed an increase in QoQ's net profit.

Jindal Worldwide Ltd

The company is in the business of textiles along with having a global presence. Its share price is around Rs.335.00. Jindal Worldwide’s ROCE, ROE, and OPM are 21.93%, 17.80%, and 9.94%, respectively. 

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