Bharat Electronics stock 9% up after Q4 results

Bharat Electronics (BEL) stock witnessed a 9.35% increase on Tuesday reaching Rs. 283, which is a new high. This positive momentum is due to the company’s Q4 results which were higher than the forecast. 

BEL on the rise 

The company’s consolidated net profit for Q4 was Rs. 1797 cr, a 30% increase on a YOY basis while for the full year, the PAT was Rs 1382 cr. 

Net profit

Its consolidated operating revenue reached Rs. 8564 cr, up by 32.18 for Q4 while for the full year, it increased by 14.28%, reaching Rs. 20,268 cr. 

Revenue from operations 

In addition, the company had received Rs. 350 billion worth of orders for FY2024. While its exports increased 92% on a YOY basis reaching $93 mn. 

Orders and exports increased 

This has resulted in the company’s share price increasing by 9.35%. The stock traded in the range of Rs. 271.05 to Rs. 283 compared to the previous closing of Rs. 258.80.

Share price 

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