Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) stock price fell by 18%

On Monday, the stock price of India’s one of the largest stock exchanges BSE fell by 18%, which is the highest drop in its share price since the stock went public in 2017.

BSE Stock Price Drop

BSE was asked to pay regulatory fees to SEBI in terms of annual turnover calculated based on its option contracts' notional value. 

Option fees 

However, BSE had calculated this fee based on the premium value of the option contracts. As a result, now it has to pay the difference in fees to SEBI. 

Difference in fees

SEBI has asked BSE to pay a total of Rs. 165 cr for the period of 2007 to 2024. From this, Rs. 69 cr is for the period of FY 2007 to FY 2023, while the rest is for FY 2024. 

High fees

BSE’s share price was trading in a range of Rs. 2612.10 to Rs 2894.95 on Monday compared to the previous closing of Rs. 3210.35. 

Share price

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