Metal stocks on the rise with Nifty Metal opening at 0.5% up 

On 16th May, all metal stocks on the Indian exchange were trading high. This is despite the increased imports from China.  India is the largest importer of Chinese products at 15.1%. 

Metal stocks in the news

The Nifty Metal Index opened 0.5% at 9418. This is its 5th consecutive gaining session.

Nifty Metal Index

Also, very recently US President Joe Biden declared tariffs on Chinese imports. This tariff hike applies to products including aluminium, steel, computer chips, EVs,  solar panels, and medical. 

The US tariff on Chinese imports 

This tariff increase can lead to China dumping its products in the Indian markets. However, despite this, investors are positive and that is reflected in the increased share price of major metal stocks like  Tata Steel, Vedanta, Hindalco, and more. 

Metal stocks up

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