Why does Bajaj Finance stock have a 24% upside potential? 

Brokerage house  Emkay Global has given a ‘Buy’ recommendation to shares of Bajaj Finance, which led the company’s share price to increase by around 1% on Wednesday. 

The company’s Buy recommendation comes with a 24% upside potential and a target of Rs. 9000. The current share price of Bajaj Finance is around Rs. 7330+.

The main reason for this potential is that Bajaj Finance shares are currently undervalued, serving as a great entry point. 

Apart from that, the company is working on implementing strategic plans, which will help it strengthen its position in the market. 

Bajaj Finance is likely to have consolidated AUM CAGR growth of 25% and PAT CAGR growth of 21.4% from FY24 to FY27.

The challenges faced by Bajaj Finance by RBI and management succession will also be resolved in the next year, which would prove beneficial for investors in the long run. 

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